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Our Vision & Mission

We see a global community in which:
leaders actively support and promote wellbeing and personal, professional excellence……

Professional Support

Through mentoring, coaching and customized programs, ACPi Training seeks to provide high standard professional support to organizations…

Nurturing Excellence

Our highly standardized performance improvement and engagement (employee engagement, stakeholder engagement, student engagement) programs


We provide our clients the opportunity to become part to our strong international network of qualified professionals, leaders and change facilitators…




We are renowned for designing, developing and delivering leaders who drive the effective performance, transformation and ideal professional practice at workplace. Our services and programs enable leaders to fortify highly engaging work culture that ensures that organizational outcomes are achieved in the most tangible manner.

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Our Team

Allan GatenbyCMF: Director: Senior Coach: Trainer
Allan Gatenby CMF - CEO ACPI Training Australia Allan has over 30 years of exceptional leadership experience, holding an M. Ed. (Leadership
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Dr. Sehba HusainDirector & Senior Coach With ACPI
Dr. Sehba Husain is working as the Director, Global Business Development and Senior Coach with ACPI – Training Pty. Ltd. Australia.  She has
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Dr Jane (Xiaoyan) XiaManager & Senior Consultant+
Jane is ready for her next project. She is native Chinese and now an Australian resident. She has excellent credentials in business & projec
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Kathryn TaylorExecutive Coach: Well-being & Educational Leadership
Kathryn Taylor BEd (Sec) CAHRI MACE Member of Wellbeing Australia and Trinity RTO Advisory, offers schools and businesses a professional dev
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Dr. Brian A. SchwartzStrategic Partner: Success Partners Asia+
Dr Brian A. Schwartz has over 39 years career consulting experience and over 1700 individual career planning clients who have designed their
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Dr. Surendra DassStrategic Partner: IHF Wellness Orbitarium
Dr.Surendra Dass is an Educationist, Administrator, Trainer, Author, Wellness advisor & life Coach. He is the President of World United Educ
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Trang DangProfessionally Accredited ACPi Coach
Trang Dang Professionally Accredited ACPi Coach Accredited coach with a passion for enabling others to achieve greater wellness and life bal
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Naishadh GadaniSenior Consultant: Professional Branding+
Naishadh is an experienced private practitioner. He is a professional member of ACPi-Aus and his certification with ICCI is under considerat
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Bobbi BallasExecutive Coach, Global Business & Career Development
Bobbi Ballas – CEO, Global Business and Career Development (Global BCD) Bobbi comes from a strong background in business development, workfo
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Our strong and highly specialized team of core & sourced practitioners, associates and strategic partners enable support in wide range of performance areas. Some of our specialization constructs are – leadership, professional skill building, career development, performance management, emotional intelligence and positive psychology

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We facilitate coaching in a one-on-one setting enabling all necessary skills to engage in an ideal professional practice. With candidates we explore the possibilities in …

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Promoting Excellence
Acpi Training recognizes excellence in professional practice by issuing certificate of excellence to individuals or organizations which demonstrate excellent..

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Learning and Development
ACPi Training offers complete range of L&D solutions suitable for needs of organizations in wide variety of settings, functioning in different business…

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Our services offer the ongoing support and provide the opportunity to develop networks internationally.


News & Events

ACPI Training has signed MOU with IHF Wellness Orbitarium in India. Together both organizations seek to provide professional training and support to change leaders, career professional and educational institutions, profit and NFP organizations, enabling professional services to be delivered throughout India and globally.

Career Planning

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Training Program

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Seminar on Productivity

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Career Development Workshop at JagranLakecity University Bhopal India – May 2014

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Facilitation of the Session at the ICCI Conference in Singapore – June 2015

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Police Training in Abu Dhabi – February 2015

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Training Program on Skills to Deal with Multicultural Audiences in Abu Dhabi UAE – April 2015

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