Program CodeTitleDuration (Hours)Description
CAPT 001 International Practitioner Accreditation and Certification Program in Career Development (for career development professionals/aspirants) 40+ InternshipThis is a certification program that ensures the international accreditation of career practitioners that is recognized worldwide. Focus of this program is to provide accreditation by preparing practitioners to undergo the right processes in planning, develop strong global networks, build and sustain required competencies, master the skills of time management and advanced communication skills
CAPT002The Professional Development Program in Career Management (for Counselors, coaches, Leaders, HR Specialists, Change Managers, Youth Workers, Career Practitioners - Public & Private) 50+ internship and specialization programThis is more advanced, professional development program for career development professionals. In addition to enhancing understanding of career planning framework and processes in planning it also helps participants to develop skills needed to become a professional counselor, coach, advisor, and consultant and change facilitator. Other modules include – networking( through personal, print and electronic media), strategic communications, marketing, selling, building and sustaining competence, resilience and time management
CAPT003Career Planning and Preparation Program (for Individuals, Career Aspirants, Career Professionals) 25Career exploration and planning is an important yet critical task. This course enables participants to develop an effective and practical career plan for self and others. Participants also develop the understanding about the importance of passion, self-awareness and decision making skills to prepare for most successful careers. Few highlights of the program are: generational world view, workplace & career analysis, self-image & social media, developing cognitive and social aptitude, preparing for competitive exams, scoring high and managing stress during exams. Ongoing Mentor/Coach support is provided on demand with extra fee.
CAPT004The Foundations of Career Development Program (for Career Development Practitioners/Aspirants) 24This is a foundation program consisting of basic modules on practices of career development. Focus is laid on career planning framework, processes in planning, networking, building and sustaining competence etc.
CAPT005Across Cultural Perspectives in Career Development Practice (For Career Development Practitioners, Aspirants, Coaches, Counselors, HR Specialists, Consultants) 24To a great extent, global business advent has increased opportunities for career aspirants in international job market. This program focuses on enabling the participants understand career development framework in cross cultural settings. It helps them take better career decisions by knowing the fundamentals of Image at point of destination and how communication works across different cultures.
CAPT006International Trends in Career Development Practice (For Career Development Practitioners, Aspirants, Coaches, Counselors, HR Specialists, Consultants) 24Develop understanding of career development framework in international setting is the primary focus of this program. It consists of modules on use of technology, globalization of labor market, developing best practices and professional standards and developing the networking skills.
CAPT007Contemporary Approaches to Career Development Practice (For Career Development Practitioners, Aspirants, Coaches, Counselors, HR Specialists, Consultants, Professional Associations seeking assistance on Training Skill Building) 24This program helps professionals to develop understanding of career development framework. Program enables them to practically work upon the processes in career planning, differentiating for clients, understand expectations of practitioner role. They will develop all necessary skills for coaching, consulting, advising, counseling, administration and advanced communication skills.
CAPT008Professional Communication48This program offers one of the most important skill developments that all employees and leaders must focus to stay effective in today’s work environment. In this program, participants have the opportunity to engage in self-assessment of communication competence and learn strategies for enhancing their communication abilities. All important components of professional communication are included in the program with great emphasis of practically developing the related skills.
CAPT009Public Speaking and Presentations40People need to be able to express themselves effectively in order to succeed in all walks of life. This program addresses the importance of effective oral communication including public speaking and presentations in various professional settings. It prepares participants learn the useful skills for speaking in public through an explanation of informative, persuasive, and narrative speeches. Program also focuses on teaching technological skills required to create most effective professional presentations.
CAPT010Virtual Assistant Training 40Boundary less organizations of today need lot of assistance to function in the virtual world. Virtual assistants therefore are big in demand and are growing phenomenally, worldwide. This program prepares participants to become proficient in all required skills needed to become a successful virtual assistant. Skill set they develop includes – communication, computer and IT technology, project management, administration and all other business management skills.
CAPT011Learning and Instruction Design Training 24This program emphasizes to help participants and organizations to develop the instructional design, tools and procedures required for variety of training and learning initiatives. Whether it is a classroom or an e-learning approach, participants will be able to implement suitable teaching, learning and evaluations strategies based upon individual needs and goals.
CAPT012Train the Trainer Program32Training is of paramount importance and needs huge pool of effective trainers who further can train other specialists in various professional settings. This program focuses on training the participants to be able to deliver training effectively. Modules focus solely on training delivery irrespective of any specialization domain and hence are useful for all who want to pursue their careers as trainers. Important content include - training planning and preparation, facilitating effective learning, use of training aids, resources, technologies and interventions, totems and taboos during sessions, develop participant’s interest in sessions, assessing learner’s performance, feedback, practice the learning etc.
CAPT013Wellbeing and Happiness Certification Program48ACPi Well-being program works through the ACPi Training ‘Well-being Schema©’ which is the outcome of yearlong research on well-being. It consists of four core domains of one’s total life satisfaction, happiness and wellness along with environmental affect on all these domains of individual well-being. Practicing the concept of schema helps people become more body Smart (physical health), Mind Smart (mental and intellectual health), Hand Smart (skills and abilities building) and Heart Smart (Emotional health)
CAPT014Professional Selling 32In this program participants come to understand the role of personal selling in marketing and its application within organizations. Program focuses on making participants skillful in developing relationship strategies, product strategies, customer strategies, and presentation strategies that advance the process of selling. They will be able to design, execute, document, and critique a comprehensive sales strategy for highly effective professional selling.
CAPT015Digital and Traditional Marketing 24Traditional marketing still has its own special value despite the advent of digital marketing which has changed the way in which sales and marketing is carried out in this world today. This program shall focus on the various traditional and digital marketing tools available for enhancing sales effectiveness as well as gathering valuable feedback.
CAPT016Powerful Business Proposals24Developing and pitching business proposals successfully requires both knowledge on how to structure a proposal and powerful communications. Participants look at a variety of presentation platforms and multimedia.

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