Prog. CodeTitleDuration(Hours)Description
LDTP001Developing High Impact Leadership 40This program emphasizes on (practically) ‘making the true leaders’. Development of all required leadership skills (technical, decision making and interpersonal) is the core focus of this program. Participants learn that as leaders how to manage behaviors and personalities of different types, use power of emotional intelligence and how to practice the resonant and inclusive leadership approaches. Managing conflict at workplace and managing change are few other contents of the program.
LDTP002Soft Skills Program to Manage Workplace Dynamics and Performance40This program deals with the science of behaviors and performance at workplace. Modules of program include: managing various ‘personalities’, diversity, communication skills, managing stress and conflict, leadership effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, counter toxic ‘power and politics’, balancing responsibilities, managing team & group behaviors etc. In a nutshell, this program is an inclusive package that helps leaders develop almost all soft skills that are needed to drive most effective performance at workplace.
LDTP003Maximizing Employee Engagement32One of the most serious issues leaders have to face at workplace is employee engagement. Every single employee needs to be engaged (at maximum) on the basis of his own set of skills, competencies, abilities and interests resonant with the organizational goals. In this program, participants will learn to use some of very well researched ‘employee engagement models’ developed by ACPi Research Team. They will also understand how to develop their own strategic initiatives to engage employees in organizations with different structures and culture.
LDTP004Improving Performance 24Performance appraisal is viewed as a system of highly interactive processes. This program prepares participants develop skills to determine job expectations, writing job descriptions, selecting relevant appraisal criteria, developing assessment tools and procedures, and collecting interpreting, reporting results for various types of jobs and profiles.
LDTP005Time Management Training 32Training program on Time Management prepares participants to devise effective strategies to manage their time personally and professionally. Today, businesses worldwide need multitasking employees who can ensure maximum productivity and effective performance under tight work schedules. At the same time, family demands make it difficult to achieve smooth work life balance. Under this program participants learn to take proactive measures to schedule their tasks and set most effective goals.
LDTP006Knowledge Management Training32In order to stay competitive in this knowledge age, companies need to develop a strong knowledge base that helps them to graduate through progressive stages of maturity and transformation. This programs focuses on helping participants to understand how knowledge management practices can be used to accelerate the performance, foster innovation and creativity and produce most desired outcomes.
LDTP007Power of Emotional Intelligence 40Since decades, researches have proven that more than 60% of organizational problems are result of lack of emotional intelligence skills in employees and managers working at different levels. Emotional intelligence skills are not only required to achieve professional success but help people to manage their personal life, role expectations in a very strategic manner. This training program focuses on developing emotional intelligence skills in participants to enable them to manage all interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, build associations, networks, exert influence and inspire others by building ‘emotional charisma’ with the help of well researched ACPi models.

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