Prog. CodeTitleDuration(Hours)Description
EBTP001Business Forecasting24This program focuses on developing skills required to use subjective and objective techniques for business forecasting. Modules consist of study of business environment, economic forces and business modeling in various types of cultural and economic settings.
EBTP002Strategic Decision Making24Decision making is the skill important and crucial for every manager. Strategic decisions need a programmed approach supported by appropriate situation analysis. This program helps participants develop the skills needed to take important strategic decisions required at all levels of management.
EBTP003Developing Business Plan32Business plan is needed to be in place in order to communicate business purpose and seek permissions of different sort from various regulatory authorities. It needs a technical and analytical approach to develop a good business plan. This program enables participants to work with multiple approaches that can be combined together to develop an effective business plan to be used for multiple purposes.
EBTP004Managing Adminstration32All organizations big & small have some or the other Administration Manager or Officer who handles varied functions of administration and operations. One of the key functions in organizations is the administration of facilities. There is the great need of highly structured program (training) to learn these skills and most are learnt on the job. This program aims to develop such fundamental skills important to manage administration function in the organizations of different types.
EBTP005Setting Up The Enterprise40Entrepreneurship starts with setting up a sound enterprise which needs a lot of analysis and effort in making business functional. This program enables participants to understand the fundamentals of setting up a successful enterprise. Program emphasizes on enhancing skills to practically develop a business unit that is capable to function in today’s highly competitive and challenging environment.
EBTP006Business Research Methods40Business research is paramount to success of any business. No right decisions can be taken in absence of appropriate research in business. With this program participants are encouraged to critically evaluate different strategies and methods by identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative methods of business research. Overall, this program equips participants with the skills and expertise to develop and implement a research report for business of any nature.
EBTP007Statistical Analysis in Business40This program focuses on applying statistical methods in a business context in order to address business related questions and help make evidence based decisions. In this program participants will learn to apply commonly used statistical methods in business decisions and learn how to interpret analyses performed by others.
EBTP008Project Management 32Project Management program helps participants to develop concepts and solutions that support the planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities required for successful completion of a business project.
EBTP019Computer & IT Applications in Business24This program focuses to illustrate how computer technology can be used to make organizational processes smooth and more efficient. It saves lot of time and man hours. The program prepares participants to address issues of present and future workplace with the use of computer and information technology.

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