Dr Jane (Xiaoyan) Xia

Jane is ready for her next project. She is native Chinese and now an Australian resident. She has excellent credentials in business & project management, engineering and international relations. Her qualifications obtained in both Australia and China therefore she can bridge any gap between east and west. Extensively published, research, experience in translation and interpretation. Accreditation gives testimony to high level communication and interpersonal skills.

Internationally Networked: Recent experienced in business development across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe has developed a strong international professional network. Passion in education and globalization drive the desire to seek opportunities to facilitate Australian Asia and Middle Eastern partnerships.

Solution focused service delivery: Project leadership is about creating solutions for stakeholders. Efficiency, systematic and solution focused methodology is the key to her many commendations for delivering on targets. Flexibility and adaptability enable the application of engineering perspectives across all human endeavor.

Passion for People: Now focusing upon enabling people’s passions. Coaching accreditation, cross cultural experience, drive for personal and professional enhancement and global insight ideally positions Jane to enable young and experienced professional to engage in the global marketplace.

Jane is ready

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