Trang Dang

Trang Dang Professionally Accredited ACPi Coach

Accredited coach with a passion for enabling others to achieve greater wellness and life balance. Special commitment to individuals seeking career entry, like graduates, migrants, mothers returning to work and long-time unemployed; those seeking career change and executives seeking transition.

Trang’s specializations include but are not limited to
• Passion for inspiring and supporting continuous growth
• Wellness & life balance
• Research, analysis and solution seeking
• Strategic Planning and focused support
• Networks & networking
• Inspirational motivational

Life is a journey. I became tired of leaders in banking pressing for longer hours of work and sitting front of monitors. I wanted to be with and help people, after all that is what I had received awards for… client servicing.

I have experienced redundancy and enforced change. I have studied a range of philosophies and committed myself to lifelong learning. I am committed to the processes of reaching out, investigating and making decisions and plans on knowledge of what is good for me and good for others.

I have come to the point where my quest is to help others find greater happiness, wellness and success through developing clarity of goal and strategy, to initiate and sustain change and develop confidence from being successful.

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