Program CodeTitle Duration (Hours) Description
SCUTP 001 Teaching and Research Development Program 48This program is helpful for academicians as it enables them to achieve mastery in teaching pedagogy and curriculum development along with feedback and evaluation processes. Uses of technology in teaching, building academic skills and competencies, classroom management and students psychology are some other areas of focus of this course. Program also consists of training module on research in academics which includes topics like identification of research areas and topics, use of technology in research, selection of research design, research methodology, techniques of research writing and reporting, research presentation and publication etc.
SCUTP 002 Career Education: A whole School Perspective40This program is ideal for schools interested in adding value through career education as important feature of their offerings. Fundamental focus of this program is the subject based mentoring and related skill development. It also includes modules on teaching pedagogies, advanced trends in teaching and Teaching Technology Nexus’, classroom management, active communication and life skills. More importantly, this program can be opted as an effective faculty development initiative.
SCUTP 003 School Based Advisory Services32 (Ongoing)This is an ongoing support program offered to schools in different cultural settings. Ongoing support is available in the areas of career planning framework, generation views to planning & decision making, family influences, self-awareness, work place & career analysis, building personal brand & social media, super selling etc.
SCUTP 004 Improving Learning Outcomes for all Learners40Designed for school leaders who wish to undertake school improvement program focused upon improving learning outcomes for all learners. Participants investigate structural, pedagogy, and curriculum organization and wellbeing perspectives in improving performance.

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